Project Aims

  • <$10,000 conversion
  • Top speed of +100kph
  • Range of +100km
  • Make a bike that is able to be registered
  • Make the bike look like the standard petrol version

Design Specification

  • Regenerative braking
  • 1990 Suzuki Across
  • 216VDC @ 15A (~3.2kw) VRLA battery pack (~90kg) for proof of concept
  • 3.3kw 3 phase induction motor

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Project Aims

The aims of the Open Electric Motorcycle Project are to take an existing motorcycle and to convert it to be an electric vehicle, this bike is then going to be registered and use for daily commuting.

Using an existing motorcycle eliminates the need to design and engineer a complete bike. Only the electric motor brackets and battery pack will be need to be engineered for registration. The time in building a bike from scratch takes a lot of time and resources too.

  • A range of at least 100 kilometers is required.
  • A top speed of at least 100kph is required.
  • All schematics and software for the battery management and motor control are released as open source.

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Sharon said...

Well done! Its a good project.