Project Aims

  • <$10,000 conversion
  • Top speed of +100kph
  • Range of +100km
  • Make a bike that is able to be registered
  • Make the bike look like the standard petrol version

Design Specification

  • Regenerative braking
  • 1990 Suzuki Across
  • 216VDC @ 15A (~3.2kw) VRLA battery pack (~90kg) for proof of concept
  • 3.3kw 3 phase induction motor

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

3-Phase Motor

I have now got the electric motor. It is a 3-phase induction motor by CMG. I have had a cog machined up to fit onto the shaft of the motor. The motor will sit in the frame with the cog slightly forward of the original gearbox output, so i have to extend the chain by 3 links. I have had some motor mounting brackets made but they need some modification (the chain sits on the swingarm at the moment).

The motor is designed to take 380V-415v at 50Hz in star configuration. It is a 4-Pole motor and the speed of the motor when supplied with this is ~1425RPM at 82% efficiency. I am looking at running the motor in delta configuration which is 220V-240V at 50Hz, the efficiency is still 82%. Because the motor is actually 4-pole. I should be able to hopefully (this depends on how the motor is wound) make a modification inside to change the poles so that instead of in serial they are parallel. This will then bring the motor voltage into the 110V-120V range. Which is about the voltage of the battery pack that I'm planning on using. If i can do this it will simplify the inverter design.

I have also painted and fitted the mirrors.