Project Aims

  • <$10,000 conversion
  • Top speed of +100kph
  • Range of +100km
  • Make a bike that is able to be registered
  • Make the bike look like the standard petrol version

Design Specification

  • Regenerative braking
  • 1990 Suzuki Across
  • 216VDC @ 15A (~3.2kw) VRLA battery pack (~90kg) for proof of concept
  • 3.3kw 3 phase induction motor

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I have now completed the initial schematic for the 3-phase motor controller. I have to update some footprints and then it will be time to start on laying out the PCB. You can download stuff from here

Schematic PDF
gEDA project
gEDA symbols

The schematic is done on gEDA, the PCB will be done on PCB the PCB editor that is part of the gEDA package. The software will be written for avr-gcc. Both gEDA and the c complier are open source projects, and very good at what they do. Currently gEDA only works under Linux, but the compiler will work under windows with wan-avr(Just a side note I am designing and writing all the software for this project on a asus eee 901 with gentoo installed on it, a fantastic piece of hardware).

To get the gEDA project to run you need gEDA suite installed, uncompress the project and uncompress thje symbols. You need to make the gschem point to the schematic symbols directory. To do this you can simply uncompress the symbols tar into your linux home directory and everything should work. Otherwise you could just copy everything in the /lib/schematic directory into the /hardware/mc directory. Otherwise have a look in /hardware/commonrc and update/add the schematic directory to the component directories. One this is done change directory to the /hardware/mc directory and run make edit, this will open gschem. Have a look in /hardware/makefile for a list of other things you can use make to do.

Please if you do know anything about 3-phase motor control I would appreciate any feedback on the design, and I will post updates and corrections as I make them.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Motor controller and batteries

I have got caught up over the holiday doing stuff on the house, but I have been researching and drawing up the schematics for the motor controller on gEDA. The first draft of the schematic is about 80% complete and I have layed out the components, I just need to do some tweeking and adding in component details(resistor and cap specs etc). I hope to have to up within the week for comments/feedback.

I am now looking at getting 18 of the EVH15120. These are a comprimise between price and performance. Since they are designed for EV use they should last a while, they will fit into the frame of the bike, and there not too heavy. The upside is there easy to get and at least half the price of Lithium. The downside will be the weight and the charge time.

I have attached the LED blinkers to the bike and here is a pic.
And the back...
I have bought some workshop equipment that will help me with the fabrication of the batttery case/tray and motor mounting brackets etc. I have got most of the electronic components that I need to build the controller too.