Project Aims

  • <$10,000 conversion
  • Top speed of +100kph
  • Range of +100km
  • Make a bike that is able to be registered
  • Make the bike look like the standard petrol version

Design Specification

  • Regenerative braking
  • 1990 Suzuki Across
  • 216VDC @ 15A (~3.2kw) VRLA battery pack (~90kg) for proof of concept
  • 3.3kw 3 phase induction motor

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Even busier

Well, we completed the renovation on the house and sold it within 4 days of putting it on the market (we were thinking it would take a few months). So this has put the bike on the back-burner even more so for the short term. We will be moving mid year so once the move is complete and we're settled in then I hope to get back onto the bike.
The move will create some additional problems however with the bike, the place we are moving to has no mains power so recharging will have to be done with leftover power from an off-grid solar power system. Which could work out ok since I like to ride in the summer so that is when we should have left over power.